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Accounting, For Accountants

How it Works

Learn about the process of job performance and the distinct outsourcing models at Obox.

Our Accountants & Expertise

Learn about our Team of Qualified Accountants and its skills & expertise.

Why Choose Us

See how Obox goes beyond just giving you the traditional benefits of Offshore Outsourcing.

Case Study

Case Study based on a Q & A session between Directors’ of Obox Accounting & Client.

Why Outsource


Learn about the origin and evolution of offshore outsourcing of Accounting & Finance


All the ways that your company can benefit from engaging in Offshore Outsourcing.

Choosing Offshore Partner

What to look for in your Offshore Outsourcing Partner and what to avoid.

Build Your Strategy

Build Your Outsourcing strategy to get optimal results from the use of Offshore Outsourcing.