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Direct Cost Saving

You pay less than 60% in fee to Obox Accounting than you would to an internal employee

  • The same qualifications
  • The same experience levels
  • High aptitude
  • Unmatched productivity

For details on the most competitive pricing in the Offshore Outsourcing market, contact us now.

Superior Quality of Work

This substantial difference in cost allows you to deploy more qualified and experienced Accountants which will in turn bring a rise in the quality of services you provide to the Clients. Furthermore, our team comes in with a fresh perspective and can help with improving processes and becoming more efficient. Learn more about Our Team & Expertise here.

HR Handling and Ad Hoc Work

There’s no need to spend weeks searching for the right candidate for the job. We can provide you with profiles of multiple resources at our disposal. Simple pick the one you feel fits your needs best. Online interviews can also be arranged to further facilitate the process.
A predefined fee contract means no salary negotiations and extra efforts to keep the employee happy.
Moreover, your short term need of workforce due to extra workload in tax season or otherwise is sorted. If you are already working with us, any added work can be handled it a simple email from your side. Ad hoc jobs as and when needed.

Saving on Capital Investment

Obox Accounting provides all the top quality hardware needed for a work station for our team. Tables, chairs, computers and not to mention the office space which can be a significant overhead cost in big Cities.

Round the clock service

Offshore Outsourcing with Obox Accounting means round the clock services. Our Operations Office is open 24/7 providing a variety of services to clients worldwide.