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Choose Your Outsourcing Partner

Choosing Offshore Outsourcing Partner

Choosing your Offshore partner is a major strategic decision for your business. This relationship requires flexibilities especially at the Offshore end. Think of it as a joint venture. At Obox Accounting, we train our team to manage more than just work, we manage relationships. Many Offshore Companies tend to keep it strictly mechanical. Obox Accounting aspires to be your own back office. We create one to one direct relationship between client and resource to ensure that there is no gap in communication. This resource will be your very own virtual employee, working dedicatedly for you. This also allows for a potential growth in relationship to the point where you can have a fully developed Offshore team, your own back office. It’s a model that our resources thrive in, taking ownership of the work as if they are working for you as direct employees.

Another thing that is key to a successful offshore outsourcing model is getting customised services in accordance with your needs. It should not be a “one size fits all.” We will ask you to communicate your goals and needs and help you build a complete Outsourcing Strategy for your Firm. You communicate your expectancies to us, then let us find the right fit. To learn more about the advantages of working with Obox Accounting over other Offshore Outsourcing providers, click here.