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How It Works

Our Working Models

No “one size fits all” routine. We have carefully designed models that meet the needs of Accounting Firms across the spectrum of size they are, and operational methods they deploy

  • The Ad Hoc Model: This is pay as you go. Works for those who don’t know exactly how much work they have to outsource. It can be a good starting point to get a taste of outsourcing & understanding how much workload you can outsource before committing full time.
  • The Part-Time Model: For the smaller companies who might not need Full Time Virtual Employees. If your needs add up to less than 100 hours a month, then this is the most economical for you. This model also works for companies that wish to Outsource only basic jobs, such as data entry or basic processing, hence don’t see the need to develop dedicated virtual employees
  • The Full Time Virtual Employee Model: This is the most popular and the cheapest at per hour cost. Your own virtual employee working dedicatedly with you, during your working hours. Benefits of this model include one to one communication, availability of extra hours at a fixed cost, ability to build up duties and responsibilities and potential to develop a back office team.
  • The Virtual Team Model: An extension of the Full Time Virtual Employee, for those companies who wish to build a whole back office team with us. With the Expertise available, there is no Accounting & Finance task that your own team at Obox Accounting will not be able to perform.

Process of Job Performance

The growth of cloud accounting software’s has made the Process of Job Performance simpler than ever. All that needs to be decided is how the information is to flow between the two portals are to be shared. There are two methods in which raw data and work can be shared back and forth between your Home Office and your back office at Obox Accounting.

  • Remote Desktop Solution – If you don’t use it already, our IT consultants will set this up between your office and ours. Its very simple. All files are placed on a “remote desk top system”, let’s say in your home office. Now to access the files all we do is access that desktop through a remote desktop software which allows us to log into that system. Nothing is being transferred to or shared with us. The files never leave your office. We just come in virtually, complete the job and leave!
  • File Sharing Solution – The more conventional method, which requires no effort at all. Use of software’s such as “Dropbox” or “Google Docs” or even just simply email files back and forth.

To help you understand which system may be more suited to your needs, here’s a short comparison between the two.

How we access the Accounting software The best and most efficient way is through hosted app. Our IT company will take care of this. We work on the software at our own office
Sharing of Raw Data from Client To be placed on a file on clients own Computer To be uploaded to a secure web-portal or emailed to us
Location where input is performed Computers at Client’s own office At our Company computers
How Client gets access to work performed At your own office computer. Data never leaves your office and is there the whole time for you to review To be retrieved from a secure web-portal or via email
Reporting Our Resource will be reporting to you directly and will be available on Skype (or other chat/call service) from 9:00 am to 6:00pm Our Resource will be reporting to you directly and will be available on Skype (or other chat/call service) from 9:00 am to 6:00pm
Need help in choosing? Solution for Clients who do not want their information to leave their office and are interested in reviewing while work is being performed Clients who want to get work done faster.