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Why Choose Us

Obox Accounting goes beyond just giving you the traditional benefits of Offshore Outsourcing.

Customise Services & Pricing

No “one size fits all” routine. We have carefully designed models that meet the needs of Accounting Firms across the spectrum of size they are, and operational methods they deploy

  • The Ad Hoc Model: This is pay as you go. Works for those who don’t know exactly how much work they have to outsource. It can be a good starting point to get a taste of outsourcing & understanding how much workload you can outsource before committing full time.
  • The Part-Time Model: For the smaller companies who might not need Full Time Virtual Employees. If your needs add up to less than 100 hours a month, then this is the most economical for you. This model also works for companies that wish to Outsource only basic jobs, such as data entry or basic processing, hence don’t see the need to develop dedicated virtual employees
  • The Full Time Virtual Employee Model: This is the most popular and the cheapest at per hour cost. Your own virtual employee working dedicatedly with you, during your working hours. Benefits of this model include one to one communication, availability of extra hours at a fixed cost, ability to build up duties and responsibilities and potential to develop a back office team.
  • The Virtual Team Model: An extension of the Full Time Virtual Employee, for those companies who wish to build a whole back office team with us. With the Expertise available, there is no Accounting & Finance task that your own team at Obox Accounting will not be able to perform.

State of the Art Back-office Facility

Over the years, our facility has continually improved keeping up with the fast changing world off technology.

  • Internet: High speed dedicated line with multiple back up support lines making sure that the communication is never broken.
  • Job performance: Remote desktop access software’s allowing us to work on computers that are physically sitting in your office across the globe. This, along with Cloud Accounting Software’s, Dropbox and Google Docs mean that Offshoring jobs is really no different then in house working.
  • Communication: Top quality headsets, special conference rooms for client communication and round the clock operations ensure communication is live at all times.
  • Other hardware: Each of our team members has an individual air conditioned work station with comfortable office desks/chairs, the latest PC laptops and easy access to laser printers and scanners making sure that there’s no wastage.

Data Protection Certification

Obox Accounting is certified for Data Protection in Accordance with the Data Protection Act. We take all necessary measures to make sure that any of our clients’ Data is not used for any purpose other than job performance:

  • Spyware software’s tracking all company laptops
  • Strict confidentiality agreements with all our team members
  • Regular trainings on importance and sensitivity of client files
  • Screening at Entry//Exit point

Obox at your Door-step – Offshore but Local

We have fully operative offices in London & Toronto, headed by Senior Partners of the Firm. We understand the essentiality of this for our clients to have complete confidence and comfort when outsourcing work to another Country. So even though the operations are going abroad, you are directly dealing with a local Company. One that is governed by local corporate laws and more importantly, understands the shares the same work ethics and cultural values.